3 Ways To Make A Statement On The First Day Of School

When it comes to first day of school outfits, graphic tees are the easiest way to show off your kid's growing personality & style. They're comfy to wear all day long (without complaints!) and ready to mix & match with all the essential pieces you pick up for their school year wardrobe. Plus, they're affordable enough to buy a handful for the season and let your kids explore all sorts of styles! Here's 3 easy ways to make a statement on their first day of school...

Pick a graphic, any graphic!

The graphic tee choices are endless at our PLACE but the basic types include graphic only, statement only and tees with a graphic & statement. Choosing a tee depends on how your kid likes to express themselves. Do they like to let pictures do all the talking? Grab a graphics only tee - this is especially fun for Paw Patrol, Avengers and other character fans. Do they always have something nice to share or something funny to say? A tee with all words is a fun way to share what they believe in - especially girl power, kid power and all things awesome & kind. If they prefer a little bit of both elements, a graphic plus statement tee will be the perfect mix!

Glow-in-the-dark, glitter and flip sequins, OH MY.

Once they've got a type of graphic in mind, picking a graphic technique is the next fun thing for kids to focus on. They can either keep it clean & cool with a classic screen-print, or choose from a range of special techniques to make their first day of school shirts pop! For girls who believe they can never have enough sparkle in their lives, graphics featuring sandy or chunky glitter and metallic foils are no-brainers. Fun flip sequin graphics are for the fab trendsetters - boys can even pick from a couple tees coming up soon! Lastly, special types of graphic treatments include textured felt or puff paint prints and totally cool glow-in-the-dark styles.

So many ways to style out loud!

The best and last part of figuring out what to wear on the first day of school is putting it all together. There are so many ways to approach a cute first day of school look including adding layers, matching with loved ones or wearing a themed outfit! Layering is the easiest way to style a graphic tee. For girls, it's wearing them under dresses or under a cool cardigan. For boys, it's wearing them under or over a crisp button-down shirt!

Matching with siblings or best friends is another fun way to wear a graphic tee. The pair (or group) can choose to wear the same exact thing or they can choose to wear different outfits but with similarly designed graphics to keep some uniformity. They can even pick a theme to follow while styling, which could range from wearing their favorite color, their favorite character (i.e. emojis, unicorns, space, dinos, etc.) or even a special print from head to toe.

Tackling first day of school outfit ideas can be daunting at first, but a graphic tee is the best (and most stylish) starting point for you, your wallet and your kids' budding personality!

July 25, 2018
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We’re Flippin’ Out Over Flip Sequin Styles!

If you have a daughter (or niece, cousin, friend…) then you've probably heard of flip sequins. If you haven't, you should know that everyone is flippin' out over them! This trend is taking over.

Sequins have been used to embellish clothing and accessories for quite some time, so what makes flip sequins so special? They're reversible, designed to flip from one side to another when you run your hand along them. When they flip, the color, pattern or graphic changes, too.

In girls' styles, there's everything from flip sequin tops, shoes and dresses, to headbands, backpacks and accessories!

Flip Sequin Shirts

A flip sequin shirt takes the coolest of graphic tees to a completely new level. Does she want to wear pink? Does she want to wear yellow? Well, how about both! With Girls' Flip Sequin Graphic Tops, she can switch the color of the ice cream cone design, the #SQUAD graphic, choose between tigers and so much more!


Flip Sequin Shoes

Flip sequins aren't only for clothes. They're also the perfect way to dress up her shoes with FUN. Get her all set for a day by the pool with the Girls' Flip Sequin Shoes. This trendy summer style changes from rose gold to silver sequins.

For all her fun sneaker adventures, you can't go wrong with the Girls' Flip Sequin Emoji Slip-on Sneaker. It features a smiley face graphic at the front, and she can choose between all-over hot pink sequins or rainbow ones!

Back to School with Flip Sequins

Get her back to school in the best of style! The Girls' Flip Sequin Iridescent Backpack has a front pocket that flips from light pink sequins to silver sequins! She'll love carrying all of her school books and supplies knowing that she'll be wearing this fun bag. You can even get her the matching pencil case and lunch box to go with it!

Whether she wears a uniform or can choose her outfit, get her the trendiest accessories! She can make her style all her own with flip sequin bracelets and girls headbands!

A Flippin' Future

Hey, Mom, keep your eyes open for the ongoing flip sequin trend. We have a feeling she's going to put it on her holiday wish list.

Don't forget, flip sequin clothes aren't only for your mini-princess! Moms everywhere are obsessing over flip sequin everything. Match your girl with a cute flip sequin dress or bag, or use it as a theme for your home décor, with special touches like flip sequin pillows. No matter what style you choose, people will flip over it!

July 12, 2018
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Everything You Need to Know About Distressed Denim

Hey, Mom! Remember back in the day when you would buy the perfect pair of jeans… and then take them home to destroy them? Your parents thought you had lost your mind for spending money on clothes only to “ruin” them with rips, and they couldn’t understand why, no matter how many times you told them.

Flash forward some years (that went by in a snap!), and now you’re the parent whose kids want to wear distressed denim. Guess what? The distressed denim trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to get your kids distressed jeans for an edgy, cool look.

Outfitted out

Distressed denim can make an average, everyday outfit look trendy. The style first emerged with metal and punk rock music that was popular in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, and then made a comeback in the 1990’s with grunge. Here’s how they can wear it.

Graphic tees and sneakers are one of the go-to ways to style distressed denim. Make sure to get them a tee that shows off their personality! A great pair of kicks, like slip-on sneakers for girls, or hi-top sneakers for boys, are a must.

Don’t be afraid to dress up distressed denim! Pairing girls’ distressed jeans with cute sandals and a flowy off-shoulder top can be a best-dressed winner. Boys score major style points with distressed jeans, and a comfy jersey polo or classic Oxford button-down.

All about Placement

Even though you may have been all for distressed jeans way back when, now that you’re a mom, you might hear your own parents telling you they’ll fall apart. That purposeful rip on the right knee can turn into a gaping hole after a few wears and washes. And for your adventurous boy and on-the-go girl? Forget it!

The good news? Ripped denim has come a long way since the days of DIY.

Be sure to buy the kind of distressed denim that’s made to last. The rips, holes, and abrasions should always be in a place where they would naturally happen, and they shouldn’t be too large or deep (hint: They should never look like a cut-out!). They should be light rips that give the denim a lived-in texture.

Another great tip is that the distressed shouldn’t be on the back. Think about how many times a day your kid gets up, sits down and squirms in their seat. Adding a small rip to that movement can make for a hole situation.

Finishing Touches

The treatment and finishing of the distressed denim makes a major impact, too!

Handsanding and whiskering creates a worn, lived-in look, as seen in the Girls Basic Super Skinny Jeans – Victory Blue Wash. Pre-washing denim adds softness for all-day comfort and prevents unwanted shrinkage in future washes.

Give your kids the clothes they want! Distressed denim is a style statement for boys and girls that isn’t going anywhere. Relive your days as a fashion rebel and trendsetter by getting them a pair.

July 10, 2018
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We’ve Got Your Back: The Best Backpacks For School & Beyond!

Meet the trusty sidekick that'll have your kids' back all year long! Our school backpacks are roomy, durable and have the chops (aka notable features) to get the kids through long bus rides, homeroom rush, all the endless after-school activities they've got going on and more.


Super details for a friendship that lasts

Averaging 16.5" x 12" x 6" in size – that's about 15 library books or 950 mini pom-pom balls – this large backpack is ready to tackle everything from folders to gym shoes to homemade slime (protected in a plastic bag, of course!). Made of 600D polyester, it's also lightweight, abrasion-resistant and tough!

  • Side mesh pockets stash water bottles, trinkets, treasures and more….
  • Padded adjustable straps & back mean the kids can hang out all day (and lift 50 lbs. comfortably )
  • Double zip closure lets kids grab (or hide) things every which way!
  • An inner catch-all sleeve is cool and clutter-free -- the way to be
  • Interior name tag lets kids make the backpack their own 🙂

Every friendship style is unique

Our school bags share the same core features, but each one is a little different in style and personality just like your kid! Ranging from kindergarten backpacks with their favorite TV show characters to the big kids' trendy backpacks, we've got so many choices they'll love to hang out in. We're talkin' about aliens, emojis, flip sequins and so much more to show off everywhere they go!

Complete your back-to-school #squad!

What's a kid without the support of their friends?! A BPA-free & dishwasher-safe water bottle will keep them hydrated all day! Picky eaters will love bringing their food in our easy-to-clean, insulated lunch boxes. Plus, round out their school accessories with a matching pencil case. It hold 21 markers, 4 Sharpies, 3 pencils and 1 pen – trust us, we tested it!

July 6, 2018
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