Holiday Style Help: How To Wash Flip Sequins & Faux Fur

The holidays are fast approaching and that means gifting and dressing the kids up in so many sequined & faux fur styles. Because who doesn’t love a fab embellished party look?! However, their extra special outfits also require extra special care and attention. Washing these kinds of styles in a normal washer & dryer is usually a party “Don’t” (with some exceptions), so read on to learn what it takes to keep their sequins shining and faux furs furry all holiday season long!

How To Wash Flip Sequins

Your kid’s flip sequin collection has grown faster than they have and now you have to take care of them, too! From holographic sequins to shiny metallic ones, here are tips on how to wash sequins…the little discs that keep them blingin’.

  1. First thing’s first. Got stains? Dab ’em with a spot treatment. Do not rub the stain! Repeat: DO NOT RUB. Rubbing ruins the fabric itself, plus enlarges the stain’s diameter. Instead, test a patch of fabric with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If it doesn’t damage the style, dab the swab at the stain working from outside and moving inwards. Keep dabbing until the swab absorbs the stain. Change to a new swab before it’s fully saturated to avoid redistributing the stain.
  2. Hand-wash in a clean sink or big basin. And try not to wash extremely different colored items in case they’re dyed a certain way… You don’t want things to bleed on each other.
  3. Always wash the style inside out! Focus on cleaning the actual fabric because that’s what gets the most action (especially with kids always running around & sweating!).
  4. Wash in cold water. Hot or warm water will run the risk of melting or altering the sequins, making for a sad kid and an awkward-fitting flip sequin experience.
  5. Wash with mild or all-natural detergents. Regular formula detergents have certain chemicals that can tarnish embellishments and harm delicate fibers.
  6. Swirl the style (or gently knead it). Do it enough to get it soapy! Then flip the style back out.
  7. Clean the sequins with a gentle, once-over swipe. Then flip the sequins and do the other side of the graphic.
  8. Rinse thoroughly & squeeze out the water. Fold the style into 3 or 4 folds, being careful not to squish the sequins in a way that moves or misplaces them too much. Then, gently squeeze out the water. Do not wring it out.
  9. Drip dry first (to get excess water out), then lay flat to dry. Their fave flip sequin style should be good as new in a couple of hours!

How To Clean Faux Fur

Furry jackets, sweaters and scarves are always fun style statements but they’re also big on needing extra TLC (tender loving laundry care). Most times you can get away with throwing them in the washer & hang drying, but always be sure to read the care label before you do so! A few general rules to follow…

  1. Got stains on their fave faux fur style? Follow the first step up above!
  2. Remove any pocket items. This’ll avoid ruining the fur while tumbling in the wash.
  3. Follow the same flip sequin washing steps 3, 4 and 5.
  4. Choose a hand wash or low spin cycle. The fur fibers will stay better intact. If you’re worried about machine washing, feel free to follow the flip sequin hand washing techniques.
  5. After washing, roll up the style in a clean dry towel. Squeeze out excess water. Do this with the style inside out, and then with its faux fur side out.
  6. Shake the faux fur to get its fluff back. Then hang dry it!
  7. Separate the dry fur with a wide-toothed comb. Be gentle and don’t tug the tangles too hard.

Washing special bedazzled or textured styles with extra care can be a little cumbersome, but worth it when it comes to getting their holiday party outfits to last through the season! These techniques will also help preserve the styles when they become hand-me-downs. Be sure to follow these tips & tricks…they’ll get the best out of their sparklin’ faves!

November 3, 2018
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Matching Family Outfits: A Guide To Capturing The Best Holiday Style Ever

The holidays are upon us, which means…’tis the season for dressing up! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrations that involve the whole family getting together. Bring your holiday style A-game by dressing your kids in matching and coordinating outfits!

Matching holiday outfits always add some extra fun to your festivities. Take it a step further and coordinate the outfits for all the kids in the family—not just yours! Try matching cousin styles, too, for an unforgettable photo opportunity. Another great benefit to dressing the kids in matching holiday outfits is that it gives you a goal when shopping for their annual Christmas dress or sweater. When you go into the store (in the midst of the holiday rush!) planning to coordinate all their looks, you’ll have a goal of what to shop for.

Now, get inspired! Check out some matching dressy and family Christmas pajama ideas below.


It’s all about the feast on this thankful day! If your family likes to have a formal dinner, make sure to keep their Thanksgiving outfits stylish and comfy. Velour knit dresses are a HUGE trend for this holiday season. Try dressing your girls in matching styles, but let them choose what accessories they want to wear – like tights, shoes, headbands or little pieces of jewelry. If you want to match your little guy to her, we recommend dressing him in a coordinating color. If her velvet dress is blue, try a blue oxford. Or, if you want to add some texture to his outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pair of corduroy pants for his Thanksgiving outfit.

Parenting-Pro Tip: Choose matching outfits that won’t stain. Your kids (like most!) will probably make a mess of themselves as they gobble down the turkey. Be sure to dress them in clothes that can be washed easily, and avoid super light colors.



Christmas Eve

You may have to dress them in formal attire for Christmas Eve dinner, but after the plates are cleared, bring out the family Christmas pajamas! Matching family Christmas pajamas bring so much fun to your celebration. Dress your kids (and all their cousins!) in holiday PJ’s, starring everything from Santa, to snowmen, to Christmas emojis, and more. Be sure to get a group picture of everyone in their Christmas outfits…it’s a memory you won’t want to forget!

The best part is that we have Christmas pajamas for the whole family, including the adults! You can join in on the holiday matching style by grabbing a pair for yourself, and even the other adults in the fam!

Christmas Day

After all the presents under the tree are opened, it’s time to get ’em dressed up. No matter what your plans for the day are, you can’t go wrong with styling them in pretty dresses and dapper tops. Try an oh-so-festive jacquard dress for your girls. These styles scream Christmas, and some have metallic and glitter finishes for an extra sparkly touch. For boys, oxford button-downs and cozy holiday sweaters paired with chinos are classic looks. Bring his holiday style up a notch by accessorizing him in a coordinating tie and suspenders set.

The best way to make sure your boys and girls match is by focusing on a specific color. And because it just so happens to be Christmas Day, red is perfect!

Don’t forget to share your kids’ holiday outfits with #mystylePLACE for a chance to be featured!

October 30, 2018
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Meet The Cold-Weather Crew: Keep Kids Warm With Winter Jackets & More

Raindrops! Snowflakes! Incoming snowballs & pummeling pellets of hail! The season is starting to change from fall to winter, and so are the elements that your kids are going to encounter. Which means…it’s time to team them up with Agent 3-In-1 and the Cold-Weather Crew (aka all our “snow-day approved” outdoor winter clothes for kids)!

Meet Agent 3-in-1

Our super heroic 3-in-1 jacket is the perfect kids winter jacket armed and ready to brave any element that comes its way! It has 2 protective layers with specially-designed features to help keep your kid covered. The first layer is a removable zip-up glacier fleece jacket. It’s comfy, anti-pilling and will stop at nothing to warm up your child and beat the winds to the punch when they blow. The water-resistant shell jacket is the outer layer that really saves the day when it comes to stopping the rain! Its water & wind resistant powers (plus sturdy storm flap!) are no match for the droplets to come. For tackling the extra-chilly snow, layer the shell & jacket together for a K.O. combo! Your kid will get twice the warmth & performance protection with its cozy fleece-lined hood & pockets, and the adjustable “no-snow” cuffs to keep out the snow.

Combine The Crew For Ultimate Protection

Complete your kids outerwear look with the rest of our Cold-Weather Crew: Captain Snowpant, Cadet Snowboot and their team of trusty Wonder Gloves. Each style coordinates perfectly with the 3-in-1 jacket colors …all while battling the cold. The fleece-lined gloves have sure-grip palms for making (& defeating) snowballs of all sizes. Plus, they’ll never lose each other thanks to the D-ring clips that keep ’em close together! Captain Snowpants is Agent 3-in-1’s main sidekick, sharing similar features like the fleece-lined upper leg and adjustable “no-snow” cuffs. Lastly, Cadet Snowboot’s faux Sherpa lining helps keep toes warm & cozy, but it also gets a kick out of stomping out snow with its heavy-duty treads.

Fighting the elements is easy with perfect winter outfits for kids! Just make it a priority to keep them warm & cozy by getting the whole outerwear crew together before the winter season is in full swing.

October 25, 2018
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Tips & Tricks To Help Take The Best Holiday Card Photos

Already thinking about holiday card photos? You’re not alone!

In order to have those holiday photo cards ready to send out, you need to book your family Christmas pictures sooner rather than later. To make the most of those Christmas card pictures, here are some tips for what to wear and how to get the best family photos possible.

Should We Match?

YES! These days, it’s easy to find matching sibling outfits and styles for parents that compliment the matching outfits, so go all out! Whether it’s a theme, pattern, or color, you can all dress up or dress down — either way, everyone who receives your card will love the extra effort you put into coordinating outfits for your Christmas card photo shoot!

When Should We Take Our Photo?

You’ll want to schedule your family holiday pictures with enough lead time to get them back from your photographer and order your holiday photo cards. Also, leave enough time in case you need to have retakes. Coordinate with your photographer well enough in advance that neither of you feels the pressure of a looming deadline.

What Do We Need To Do To Be Prepared?

Getting an entire family clean, dressed, and properly groomed for photos can be stressful for parents, so plan wisely on the day of your photos. Have outfits hung and ready to go the night before, do as much prep work as possible (including having shoes ready, hair bows, and any other needs). Assemble a small kit including a lint roller, wet wipes, combs, brushes, and if you have really little ones, a spare outfit in case of diaper disasters.

Keep Everyone Happy During A Photo Shoot

In order to maximize smiles, schedule your shoot to accommodate naps and meals. Plan a fun family outing for afterward, and let the kids know about this pending treat. Have small, non-messy snacks on hand for children to enjoy in-between takes. Offer kids a quick break if they become tired or cranky during photos. Resist the urge to become impatient with them so you can keep the mood upbeat.

Should We Take “Creative” Photos?

Unique Christmas card picture ideas are usually successful only when the participants are excited about them. In other words, if your family is resistant to out-of-the-box ideas, don’t force the issue. Comfort is key for a successful holiday photo. Discuss your ideas and concerns with your photographer ahead of time, however, as they may have some creative suggestions you can present to your family. Just make sure that everyone is on board.

With a small amount of planning and preparation, this year’s holiday photos will be the best ones yet.

October 19, 2018
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Creating A Kids Capsule Wardrobe: Dress Them For The Year (With Only 26 Pieces!)

Okay, so dressing your kids with only 26 items for a whole school year might seem like a stretch but it’s possible! Especially if getting dressed has become a point of anxiety for your kid or if laundry days have gotten too overwhelming for your family, that magic number (give or take) is the solution and it comes from the capsule wardrobe idea. What exactly is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a curated collection of clothing that mixes & matches together to make multiple outfits. It isn’t a new idea but it is a popular one that started in the adult fashion space and trickled down into the mix-n-match kids clothing world to help simplify busy lives.

Why do the capsule wardrobe?

Saves Time

For the kids that have a hard time choosing what to wear or give you a hard time on what you chose for them, the capsule collection will save the day! Fewer choices will make getting dressed in the mornings faster and easier.

Less Laundry

Most of us dread laundry day because the piles seem endless…especially when you’re a parent to more than one kid. With a capsule wardrobe, you’d be washing every week but it’ll be small loads that will also be easy for the kids to help sort (and put away)!

Empowers Their Creativity

Developing their personal style is the last benefit to having a kids capsule wardrobe. Working with just a couple of pieces will push your child to problem solve how to create a new look every day! Plus, as kids grow, they’ll have the chance to swap out styles and try something new.

How To Make A Capsule Wardrobe?

  • Make a checklist of all the styles they need. Don’t forget to take into account the climate you live in and adjust the number of pieces needed accordingly!
  • Next, take out all their clothes and start sorting them into 4 different piles: Keep, Give, Reuse and “Sentimental.” Keep should be the smallest pile, Give is for donations or hand-me-downs, and Reuse is for things that can be up-cycled into washcloths, quilts and more. If you’re emotionally attached to a couple of special pieces, the Sentimental pile is for you to store those memories away (but keep that collection EXTRA small!). To help with sorting, ask yourself these questions:
    1. Is it in good condition and is it good quality?
    2. Does it coordinate with at least 3 other items?
    3. Does the capsule wardrobe need this or do you just like it? (Use your best judgement!)
  • Once you’re done sorting, put the styles you keep back into the closet, cross reference it on your checklist and then head to the store to pick up what you’re missing. Don’t forget to ask yourself the same questions listed above to help make decisions. And know that it’s okay to continue editing the capsule collection even after your shopping trips until it’s to your liking (and your kids!).

The Checklist

  • 8-10 tops (keep these basic, but have fun with a couple of graphic tees!)
  • 3-4 pants
  • 3-4 pairs of shorts (1 denim pair + 1 chino pair + 2 active pairs is a good combo…)
  • 3-4 dresses and 2-3 skirts (for the girls!)
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 1 light jacket
  • 1 heavy jacket
  • 1 pair of sneakers (pick a standout pair that coordinates with any outfit)
  • 1 pair of slip-on shoes (for easy on & off!)
  • 1 pair of dress shoes
  • 1 pair of sandals

Note: the above list is a suggested foundation for their capsule wardrobe. Keep in mind that where you live will vary what you need. You’ll also have to account for special occasion styles (like a suit!) or uniforms needed for extra-curricular activities.

Ready, set, capsule…

Capsule wardrobes may not work for everyone (especially if you love to dress up your kids!), but now that you’ve learned the fundamentals, you can tailor it in a way that works for your family. A kids capsule wardrobe can be daunting but it can also be rewarding – especially when it comes to laundry day!

October 3, 2018
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All The Ways To Layer ‘Em Up This Fall


The kids are back in school, the summer heat is starting to fade (just a little!) and fall is here. You know what that means, Mom. It’s time to start having the annual convince-your-kid-to-wear-a-jacket-to-school fight!

Don’t worry, we found a style solution essential to fall fashion… layer ’em up instead!

Layers For Girls

Dressing your girl in layers can be fun for both of you! There are so many stylish options to play with. With fall clothes for girls, the ideas are endless!

If she wears a uniform to school, open-front sweaters, like cardigans, are a must! Cardigans are the perfect style to keep her warm in class. They go with everything, including dresses, skirts, and pants. Stock up on neutral colors like black, white, and navy, that go with any fall outfit.

Basic long sleeve tees are also a great style. She can wear them under her uniform on chillier fall days, or layer them under sweaters for all her weekend adventures. Make sure to get her a couple of short sleeve layering tees, too! These are perfect to wear under graphic pullovers and hoodies, especially on those early fall days, when it’s like Antarctica in the morning, and the Sahara in the afternoon.

And when the time comes to really wear a jacket, make sure to get her one she’ll want to put on. Try an oh-so-cool bomber jacket that features a trendy print or eye-catching graphics, and she can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. If she’s looking for a super cozy style, a solid faux fur jacket in her favorite color is the perfect solution—wearing it feels like being wrapped in a blanket!

Layering The Boys

Like the girls, getting boys long sleeve tees is a great way to layer on his fall fashion style. He can wear these tees with his school uniform, or layer them underneath his favorite sweater. They’re also a style staple, and can always be worn with jeans, joggers, or sweatpants!

Graphic pullovers and hooded tops are an essential for fall fashion. He’ll love the fun design, and you’ll love knowing that he’s warm and comfortable. He’ll also get a lot of use out of them, so you’ll know the money was well-spent. When winter rolls around, these shirts are great to wear on their own, too.

Remember, outerwear doesn’t have to mean a puffy jacket. Make sure to get him some stylish picks, so he won’t fight you about wearing them. In kids’ fall clothes, denim jackets are essential. They can be styled with anything, and he won’t feel like he’s wearing a coat. Don’t forget to try our trail jackets. They’re super warm, and come in a trendy marled finish with a few different color options.

A vest is the best of both worlds! It has all the benefits of keeping him warm, but it moves with him, thanks to the sleeveless silhouette. Try dressing him in a warm vest with his favorite long sleeve graphic tee!

Let’s Get Layering

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to bring on the layers and get your kids fall fashion ready! Remember to get some staple styles, like black and white tees, and the more sweaters, the better. Don’t forget to bring your kid along for their input!

Happy Fall, Mom & Dad!

September 18, 2018
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Pair ’em and Wear ’em: Boots & Socks Tips & Tricks

Boot socks keep your kids dry in the rain, warm in the cold and they always look super cute (they’re way more stylish than the leg warmers you used to wear!). And one of the best parts? They can accessorize and personalize any outfit with their own touch…from flowers to emojis to aliens.

Fun and cute boot socks have been a trend for the past few fall and winter seasons, and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some tips and tricks on how your kids can wear and style them!

Tall Boots & Boot Socks

One of the most common and classic ways to wear girls’ boot socks is with tall boots. These look great with dresses and skirts in the fall, and skinny jeans in the winter. We recommend choosing a sock that complements the outfit she’s wearing. A solid pair of knee socks are great for her to wear with her uniform, while fun, printed knee sock is perfect for her weekend adventures.

Keep an eye out for the right height! You’ll want the sock to peek out of the top of the boot by about an inch or two.

Ankle Booties & Crew or Midi Socks

She doesn’t need to wear tall boots to hop on the boots and socks style train! Ankle booties go with just about any outfit—from jeans to dresses to uniforms. Add some pizzazz to her booties with crew or midi socks.

With ankle boots, you can play around more with the height of the sock, letting it peak out by a few inches rather than just one or two. This is also a sweet style for toddler girls, too, since ankle boots are easier to get on and off, and super comfy for when she starts walking.

Pro tip: get a pair of socks with a roll cuff! A lot of packs come in a wide variety of colors, and having the option to roll them up or down makes these socks perfect for boots!

Layer up!

What do you get when you dress her in boots, boot socks AND tights? Layers upon layers of style! Adding boot socks to a dress is a great way to give her some casual and comfy style, and the tights will keep her warm and cozy even during the coldest of winter months.

Beyond the Boot

There are some cool, fun, colorful and printed socks out there for boys and girls of all ages…and they don’t just have to wear them with boots! Multi-packs featuring basic and printed crew socks are a huge hit with moms because there are SO MANY pairs to stock up on. Little fashionistas will love that there is a pair to match everything in their closet.

We can’t forget about the boys! He’ll rock some fun and out-of-this-world pairs of socks with his favorite sneakers, or during his sports practice. For even more epic, every day sock style, check out printed and graphic socks!

August 28, 2018
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4 Ways To Accessorize Their Uniform Even More!

With the rise of school uniform implementation, expressing a kid’s personal style might seem on the decline. However, for less restrictive schools, accessorizing a uniform is allowed! Some school uniform accessories might have to follow dress code guidelines but for those that can be a little more fun, here’s how to bend the rules and show off your kid’s personality – from head to toe.

Keep Hair (& Hats!) Top Of Mind

Staying clean & neat is a top priority when it comes to uniform dressing, and presentable hair is the most noticeable thing. That’s why we jump at the chance to make really fun, stand-out school uniform hair accessories for every kind of girl and super-cool hats for all the boys! Headbands are the fastest way to polish her long (or short!) locks and keep it out of her face throughout the day. Give glam cat ears to the fab cat lady in training, flip sequins for the #trending girl and unicorn styles for #OOTD fashion queens!

Bling Out Their Best Life With Jewelry

Sometimes jewelry can be a distraction for fidgety kids, but most times they’re a fun way to style their look with extra flair or a group of besties together! Make a magical statement with a Unicorn Choker Necklace pack. Show off her mood with Earrings. Or slap on extra style with tons of slap bracelet designs. BFF jewelry packs are the easiest way to start a tradition among friends because they’re affordable, stylish and easy to layer when they get even more pieces!

Boost Their Confidence With A Stylish (& Supportive!) Backpack

A kid’s backpack is the bestie that sticks with them all year long… They function as an extension of them, so make sure to let your kid pick one that best represents their personality! From Iridescent Space vibes to cool Girl Power style to crazy fun Emoji prints, there’s a backpack fit for every friendship that’ll take ’em from school to extra-curriculars to adventures.

Get Their Shoe & Sock Game On Point

For schools that aren’t picky about shoes, it’s easy to let kids step up the style on their feet! Not only are ballet flats the right fit for your girl’s long day on campus, but there are just SO MANY STYLES to choose from. We’re talking quilted toe ones, shiny faux patent leather ones, flats with purr-fect kitty details, glitter galore, you name it! For the guys, it’s all about picking their favorite color and silhouette comfort level…low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops. If your kids’ school has a standard shoe for both genders, sock hunting will be your household’s favorite pastime. Let your kids pick their favorite pairs, from Knee Socks to fun Ankle Socks for the girls and Sporty Socks to Crew Socks for the guys. Either styling choice will score their feet some big points!

School uniform accessories don’t have to be boring! Even the subtlest piece (like a printed sock!) can change up and personalize a uniform look instantly. Not to mention, make dressing more fun for your kids. So make sure to find out what is and isn’t allowed and get them styling in some fun school accessories stat!

August 17, 2018
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How to Color Coordinate & Pattern Mix Outfits For Days

Mix-and-match outfits are a MUST for busy moms everywhere for a whole bunch of reasons.

First, mix-and-match outfits make your life easier. When you know that four different shirts pair with four different bottoms, you don’t have to think so hard about dressing your kid, and worrying if the outfit you chose even goes together.

Second, you know the clothes you spent money on are getting their full wear. Don’t you hate buying a pretty top, only to get home and discover that it goes with NOTHING? It feels like a waste. You don’t have to worry about that with mix-and-match clothes.

And third, it gives you (and your kid!) so many options to have fun with.

Our biggest tip is to focus on colors and prints that coordinate. Check out our outfit combinations below to add to your kids’ wardrobe, or help inspire your own ideas!

Girls’ Active Wear

Mixing and matching your girls’ outfits is way easier than you think, and active wear styles are great for this. These comfy, versatile pieces are made for anything! Remember to focus on colors and prints that go together. Try picking styles you know she’ll love, and get her involved by asking her to come up with some outfits. Below are some outfits to get you started.

Outfit 1: The Girls’ Active Short Sleeve Mesh Yoke Sequin Graphic Top in Heather Eclipse is a no-brainer to pair with the Girls’ Active Velvet Stripe Jogger Pants in Olive Press.

Outfit 2: Try pairing the same top from Day 1 with the Girls’ Active Velvet Stripe Jogger in Heather Smoke.

Outfit 3: Remember the pants from the first outfit? Get her dressed and ready to go with them and the Girls’ Active Long Raglan Sleeve Lace-Up Glitter Graphic Top in Sachet Pink! Bonus: layer her look with a stylish active pullover or hoodie!

Outfit 4: The same Sachet Pink shirt from Outfit 3 can also be worn with the Heather Smoke joggers!

Outfit 5: Add the Girls’ Active Long Sleeve Split Graphic Pullover to her wardrobe…it can be mixed and matched with any of the other outfits!

Boys’ Active Wear

Get your little guy involved by picking out what he loves. Psstt…he’ll go crazy for our active styles! They’re fun, comfy and most importantly, made to be worn on any adventure. Take a look at the five different mix-and-match active styles we came up with below to help get you started!

Outfit 1: He’ll love the Boys’ Long Sleeve Printed Fleece Pullover in Lake Blue. Today, he can wear it with the Boys’ Active Fleece Jogger Pants in Heather Smoke.

Outfit 2: Style him in the Boys’ Active Side Stripe Jogger in Black with the same top from Outfit 1!

Outfit 3: Take the joggers from Outfit 2, and pair them with the Boys Active Long Sleeve Graphic Melange Fleece Top in Smoky Blue.

Outfit 4: Today, he can wear the graphic hoodie with the Heather Smoke Joggers from Outfit 1! Layer his look with a fun graphic tee he’ll love.

Outfit 5: Add the Boys’ Long Raglan Sleeve Striped Hooded Top in Heather Ash. It pairs with both joggers!

All Mixed Up

But don’t worry…it’s a good thing! Don’t forget to finish off their mix-and-match style with the perfect accessories.

Most important, remember to have fun! Share your mix-and-match creations on Instagram with #mystylePLACE for a chance for your kids’ style to be featured!

August 16, 2018
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First Day Of School Outfit Ideas: Sibling Matching!

There’s way more to coordinating styles than just mom and daughter matching outfits (although that’s pretty awesome, too!). Mom, say hello to the world of sibling matching!

Having flashbacks of you and your brother in matching turtleneck sweaters your grandma knitted? Don’t worry, it’s not like that! Sibling matching has come a long way since you were a kid.

If you’re trying to figure out how to dress your crew for the first day of school, consider sibling matching outfits. It’s all about coordinating patterns, colors, themes or graphics, and there are a bunch of reasons why parents (and kids!) are going crazy for it.

Saves Time

Sibling matching outfits are the stress-free time saver your mornings need! The first day back to school can be pretty hectic. Between getting the kids up, packing lunch, and trying to stay on time, the last thing you want to do is think about outfits for each of your kids. Matching outfits lets you figure it out only once!

Makes Shopping Easy

Shopping with your kids can (sometimes) be a crazy experience. They never want to look at clothes, let alone try them on, and if they think their sister/brother is getting all the attention, they can lose their cool! Choosing matching family outfits makes all this easier because it gives you a game plan: to find the same outfit in different sizes.

Take advantage of deals! Shop when there’s a sale on matching family styles, and you’ll save on all of your kids’ first day of school outfits.

Insta-worthy Photos

You may have dreaded the picture your mom took of you and your siblings on the front porch or at the bus stop on the first day of school…but you’ll definitely make your own kids endure it! Dressing them in matching outfits gives you the perfect photo opportunity to document all of their first day of school memories!

Outfit Inspiration

Remember, sibling matching outfits don’t have to be identical! They can coordinate themes, colors, patterns, and more. Here are some options to get your fam back-to-school ready!

Matching Sister Outfits

We’re loving all the new Mommy And Me Dresses. The best part is that these styles come in adult women’s and toddler sizes, so moms and their daughters can create their own look-a-like #GirlSquad!

If you’re looking to match themes, try the Toddler Girls Floral Cut-Out Bow Back Dress and Girls’ Floral Off Shoulder Dress…and don’t forget the headbands!

Matching Brother Outfits

You can’t go wrong with a classic button-down on the first day of school. The Boys’ Short Sleeve Striped Oxford Button-Down Shirt is a great option to pair with jeans, khakis or shorts! Get one for all the little men in your life, including the littlest ones, with the Baby And Toddler Boys’ Short Sleeve Striped Oxford Button-Down Shirt.

Brother-Sister Matching Outfits

Matching girls and boys doesn’t have to be difficult! Our Matching Family Tees are always a hit, with coordinating styles for girls and boys of all ages.

If you’re looking for something a bit dressier, try matching their outfits by color, print or pattern. The Girls’ Long Sleeve Bandana Print Off-Shoulder Top in Milky Way looks great with the Boys’ Short Sleeve Paper Clip Print Poplin Button-Down Shirt! Both feature a navy blue color and allover prints. So get ready, get set, get matching…and don’t forget to share your sibling matching pictures on Instagram with #mystylePLACE for a chance for your kids’ style to be featured!

July 26, 2018
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