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Don’t Be Scared – Here’s How To Throw The Ultimate Kids Halloween Party

September 28, 2018
Don’t Be Scared – Here’s How To Throw The Ultimate Kids Halloween Party

Planning any kind of party can be overwhelming — there are so many moving parts: the decorations, food, games, and, oh yeah, the amount of time you spend trying to keep your kids from messing up all the prep work you just did!

Then, there’s the added pressure of being compared to those parents in your son’s class who’ve never had a Pinterest Fail and somehow manage to flawlessly execute some terribly adorable rainbow or tie dye or kids’ movie theme every year.

But this season, it’s your time to shine! It’s hard to go wrong with a Halloween party – they come with automatic kid-pleasers like a built-in sense of magic and sugar… So. Much. Sugar! Forget the complicated recipes, hard-to-assemble decorations, carefully orchestrated games and accompanying extra stress. Instead, create the ultimate Halloween party with your kids. The only thing you’ll have to fear is the promise of too much fun!

Set The Mood With Decorations

Light up the front walkway with ghostly lanterns you make out of clean, empty plastic gallon milk jugs. Get the kids to help you draw ghost faces in black permanent marker; then, drop flameless LED lights or white holiday lights inside.

Pepper your walls with creepy crawly spiders by taping up black balloons and twisted black crepe paper for the legs. It will look like your house has been hit with an infestation! If you really want to get guests’ skin crawling, have videos of large spiders playing on loop in the background.

Need a before or during-the-party craft project? Cut paper plates into wreath shapes and then have the kids add ping pong balls with googly eyes on them. You can also leave out some accessories for kids who want to add some glitter or color. These turn out so good, you may not want to part with them to hang them on the wall.

Prefer your decorations on the creepier side? You’ll just need one of those scary Halloween masks, a pickle jar with no label, and water. Combine all three to make a floating head in a jar worthy of a Ray Bradbury short story.

Spooky Halloween Treats (Not Tricks)

For killer cookies or cupcakes, add candy knives or bloody axes, being sure to leave a trail of red gel “blood.” Kids will love placing the candies on top.

Super cute “Devil” deviled eggs are easy to make. Just use your usual recipe for deviled eggs, cut cherry tomatoes into narrow triangles to create horns, and add a little dill for a beard.

All you need to make Ogre Fingers is your classic sugar cookie recipe (with a bit of green food coloring added), along with almond slivers for the nail at the top, and maybe some red icing for blood. This recipe is fun to assemble with kids.

How about some edible mummies? Wrap some mini hot dogs in crescent rolls and there you have them! Three large marshmallows on a skewer with black food coloring for the eyes and mouth will also do the trick.

For a festive punch bowl, hollow out a large pumpkin and fill with your favorite punch recipe.

Fun Halloween Games For Kids

It’s not a kids’ Halloween party if there’s not toilet paper-wrapped children running around your house. Host a mummy relay race, dividing the kids into two groups and seeing who can wrap and run to the finish line the fastest.

When you’re done racing mummies, try racing spiders. Be sure to get some large straws with good blowing power because kids will be using them to get plastic toy spiders over the finish line.

How about a glow-in-the-dark ring toss? Get out some glass bottles, glow stick bracelets and glow-in-the-dark duct tape (to wrap around the bottle necks) for a fun and easy game.

For a quieter game that ends with a prize, have a clear jar filled with candy corn out for the duration of the party. Kids write their names on paper, along with their best guess about how many candy corns are in the jar. The kid who comes the closest wins a (mummy wrapped?) gift.

Pumpkin painting is a nice way to end the party. It’s a fun Halloween activity and gives everybody a cute gift/decoration to bring home. (Parent Tip: Use muffin tins to separate paint colors and keep messes to a minimum.)

Happy Halloween!

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