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Tip For Throwing The Best Birthday Party Ever

9 de julio de 2018
Tip For Throwing The Best Birthday Party Ever

Parents whose social schedules are stacked with weekend birthday parties know that these can be total snooze-fests saturated with small talk or surprisingly fun opportunities to relax while the kids have a ball and wear themselves out before bedtime.

Obviously, if you’re the one planning and hosting a party, you’d prefer the latter, so read on for some tips about how you can slam dunk your child’s next birthday bash!

1st birthday

  • Choose a fun theme (unicorn, superhero, mermaid etc.) to make the planning process much easier.
  • Avoid planning the party at typical one-year-old nap-times: 10 AM and 1 PM.
  • Best presents for this age: a large rubber ball; wooden stacking or nesting toys; bath toys; an adorable new outfit or two.

5th or 6th birthday

  • Plan for parents to stay with their kids at the party.
  • Serve a wide array of food and drink: goldfish crackers, string cheese, juice, and strawberries for the kids, as well as crudités, avocado and cucumber rolls, and iced tea for the adults.
  • Host a scavenger hunt with photo clues in envelopes.
  • Best presents for this age: Caldecott-award-winning picture books; art supplies; stomp rockets; a fun backpack or purse.

8th or 9th birthday

  • Expect that parents will drop kids off.
  • Keep the party on the smaller side with 12 or fewer kids.
  • Host a structured game that’s fun but doesn’t require a ton of athletic ability, like capture the flag or a three-legged race.
  • Offer an art project for down-time or for kids who are more introverted. Stringing beads onto rubber cord necklaces, making bookmarks or terrariums, and decorating cookies are all good options.
  • Serve pizza and cupcakes or donuts.
  • Best presents for this age: graphic novels; a blank journal/sketchbook; an unusual board game; a cool baseball cap or watch.

DIY parties are appealing in their quirkiness-there's no need to splurge on expensive performers or fancy venues. A backyard or local park works just as well, with no wear and tear on your home turf. Don't worry: You've got this!

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